AIFD Symposium : Culmination of Flower Design

Flower Design has evolved alongside human culture for the last 5 millennia, dating back to the Bronze Age.  Ancient Egyptians were the first florists by trade, receiving commissions to design highly stylized wreaths, garlands, and centerpieces for big events such as banquets, processions, burials, and temple offerings (which, of course, still happens today).  I wonder if the Ancient Egyptians ever gathered the best and brightest of their designers together in an extraordinary round table of floral education, workshops, awards, and breathtaking stage programs...  Did they, too, have an annual National Symposium, attended and lauded by designers from all over the world? If so, I hope it was something as magical as the approach of the AIFD Symposium X!
Juloa Kim Flowers with Soul II
From 2016's Symposium: Juloa Kim - Flowers with Soul II

About AIFD 
Julie Poeltler Times of Our Lives
From 2016's Symposium: Julie Poeltler - Times of Our Lives
AIFD (American Institute of Floral Design) exists to advance the art of professional floral design and to recognize excellence by those who flourish.  AIFD sets the standards for professional floral design, and those standards are lofty.  Because of this, AIFD's accredited members are highly sought after, designing flower arrangements for huge events such as the Tournament of Roses Parade, the Academy Awards and Presidential Inaugurations -- and these extraordinarily talented artists will be in Seattle July 1-5 for AIFD's Annual Symposium, and so will we!

The National Symposium 

The annual AIFD National Symposium is considered to be the most important design education event in the floral industry; more than 850 flower designers and educators traveled to last year's gathering, and the same is expected this year.  It is truly an event that should not be missed! Aside from their hands-on workshops, a big favorite of the event are the daily stage programs which feature flower trends and visually intense designs, all presented by world-renowned designers.  With over 1,000 people in the audience, the excitement and passion is palpable! Below are some of designs from those who presented last year, with the overarching theme "Inspiration."

Midcentury Modernism Paul Jaras Susanne Law Brenna Quan
Paul Jaras, Susanne Law, Brenna Quan : Mid-Century Modernism 

Juloa Kim Flowers with Soul and Lepoldo Gomez Sources of Inspiration
L-R: Juloa Kim - Flowers with Soul II || Leopoldo Gomez - Sources of Inspiration

Stage Programs Flower Clothes
L-R : Leopoldo Gomez - Sources of Inspiration || Stacey Carltone and Shawn Foley - Couture Collective

Fairytale Flower Design
L-R: Representation of the Evil Stepmother in Snow White || Representation of Cinderella
We can't wait to see what the best and brightest are cooking up for this year's theme, "Symposium X," and if looking at these photos doesn't inspire you, I don't know what will!  You will have to see it to believe it, because, just like this year's theme asserts, "one word can't describe it!"

Hope you see you there!!

Lady Aster AIFD National Symposium