2017 Holiday Greens Market Report

 It is time to start pre-booking your holiday greens orders. Sun Valley has a full greens department and can take care of your needs, no matter how large or small.  Overall, the market is getting more competitive as there is more demand for greens than ever, and yet there are less cutters and less access to public and private land than in previous years.

Red Tulips with Doug. Fir   |  White Tulips, Doug. Fir and Ilex
However, Sun Valley has been in the greens business for decades, and we have secured an impressive inventory. Sun Valley also has the unique ability to incorporate greens with cut flowers at the farm level. We pair tulips with Douglas Fir, and you can select straight red or white tulips or a red and white tulip mix. Two examples featuring our stunning ilex are the aptly named the “Red and Green Supreme” featuring two red ilex stems and two Port Orford cedar branches, and then there is the exquisite “Holiday Classic” which is a combination of white Oriental lilies, red ilex and cedar.
holiday flowers
Sun Valley's Holiday Classic
Do you have a particular holiday look or style in mind? Let us know, we can design it, pick it, bunch it, and ship it.
Our Sun Pacific Bouquet division also offers a full selection of holidays bouquets, with greens incorporated.
Here is what we will have available for 2017:
Incense Cedar: Incense Cedar is in the red cedar family and it has beautiful small golden buds. This green has a heavier look than some other greens. It is ideal for bouquets and the golden hued tips are very festive.

Incense Cedar
Incense Cedar
Port Orford Cedar: Port Orford Cedar grows in the valleys of the Klamath Mountains, in a thin sliver of land in southern Oregon and northern California.  Our proximity to this region gives us a great supply of this light and lacy green. This is a wonderful holiday green, with a softer essence than many other options. This is my personal favorite Christmas green.

Port Orford Cedar
Our very own "Queen of Greens" Debbie Hartman, modeling our Port Orford Cedar

Douglas Fir: 2017 has been an excellent season for Doug Fir. The wet spring and dry summer has created a very lush product, which according to our greens manager, Debbie Hartman, is the best she’s seen in years. It has soft needles and with the most stems per bale, it is a Christmas season best buy.
Princess Pine: Princess Pine is a type of white pine, and this green is on an upward trend as designers are gravitating to its wispy, two-toned look. It offers a lighter feel than other species of pine, and yet still has the wonderful scent that truly makes you think of Christmas.

Princess Pine
Princess Pine
 Noble Fir: Noble Fir has bluish, green needles due to the high elevation where this product grows. It is a plush, dependable green, and since it grows at high elevation it has a long shelf life.

Noble Fir
Noble Fir
Silver Fir: Silver Fir has dark green top needles with white needles on the underside of the branches. The branches are very pliable, so they are great for more intricate design work. This is a high elevation item as well, so like Noble fir it has an excellent staying power.

White Heather: This extremely popular offering will start about November 10th, and run through the holidays, the season will be over before Valentine’s Day, so get it while it’s hot!

Woodwardia: These (huge) unusual ferns are spectacular. Availability varies, but give us a call, you might get lucky!


Christmas Assorted Greens Packs

We offer a few sample packs that are very popular both in wholesale and mass market worlds. We can also customize pack sizes for you, depending on your needs.

12 / 2 Pound Sampler Tips: This features (2) 2 pound bunches of 6 varieties, Noble Fir, Silver Fir, Port Orford Cedar, Princess Pine, Incense Cedar and Douglas Fir.

20 / 2 Pound Pack: This features (2) 2 pound bunches of 5 varieties, in bunched tips. Noble Fir, Silver Fir, Incense Cedar, Princess Pine and Douglas Fir.

25 Pound Bulk: This is the same as our 20 / 2 pound pack, but less trimmed and manicured, so there is some cost savings with this offering.

Greens are an essential part of your holiday bottom line, so please take a few moments to pre-book (there is a link on your pricelist) and remember that we can add on boxes through the holiday season.

Got Greens? Check.
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