Debbie Hartman
Manager of West Coast Evergreen Division
Debbie Hartman in a field of lilies
Arcata Division
A Bit About Us

Debbie was born into the floral industry, growing up on her family's daffodil farm, Hartman Bulb Farms, which was located several miles from The Sun Valley Group, in McKinleyville, CA. Debbie's father purchased West Coast Evergreens, when he recognized its potential due to the rich abundance of native greenery common to Northern California's rural forests.

For the past 25 years, as the owner and manager of West Coast Evergreens, Debbie serviced many customers with the freshest foliage in the floral industry. Now, as a division of The Sun Valley Group, she takes a special pride knowing that West Coast Evergreen can always provide floral customers with the products they need to accentuate
their specific floral design. ]

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